Maciek Niuans

Jan Maciej (Niuans) Bojko

Searching for artistic forms of expression since early 2000s that resulted in exhibitions in both painting and drawing as well as a degree in arts and a couple of music projects.
Fascinated with tattooing since the first tattoo conventions in Poland where he was watching and learning from the pioneers of Polish tattoo scene. Between 2008 and 2014 owner of Niuans Tattoo Studio based in Toruñ that sucesfully used the attitude of Witkiewicz towards the client. Since 2014 happily based in the Cykada Tattoo Studio in Sopot.

In private very attentive, thorough and contestant towards the everyday life.
„ In my artistic actions I think there is a sort of dualism – on one hand I was always inspired and drawn towards figurative subjects, descrtiptive or even journalistic and on the other I highly respect abstract and conceptual art in which the most important factor always was a sort of an inner element of getting to know oneself and the world without any given instructions on how to read and understand that world”

You can see more of Maciej's work here

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